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Tainan, August 10, 2013

MND has released a schedule for the open house.




空軍第443聯隊營區開放訂於8月10日於臺南基地盛大辦理,活動以慶祝「814空軍節」為主軸,節目規劃空中戰技操演、空軍儀隊表演、各型戰機及地面武器裝備陳展等,歡迎國人踴躍參加。 活動時序 0916-0931空軍樂儀隊表演 0931-0946 IDF型機戰技操演 0946-1004 M-2000型機戰技操演 1004-1020 F-16型機戰技操演 1020-1100雷虎小組戰技操演 1400-1420中正預校鼓號樂隊表演 1420-1435遙控飛機表演 1515-1530空軍樂儀隊表演 1530-1600地面裝備展示

09.31-09.46 IDF solo demo

09.46-10.04 Mirage 2000 solo demo

10.04-10.2010.04-10.20 F-16 solo demo

10.20-11.0010.20-11.00 Thunder Tigers

Looks like there is no flying in the afternoon.

Tainan August 10, 2013



1315/93-1315 C-130H           439CW

1902                BH-1900         VIP-sqn

2501                E-2K               2 sqn

5395/30121     F-5F                44TFG

6830                F-16B              12TRG

1460/86-8084 F-CK-1C         9TFG

1624/87-8101 F-CK-1D         1TFG

2057/Di07       M-2000-5Di    499TFW

3435/84035     T-34C              AFA

0822/75-6022 AT-3                 AFA

7007                S-70C              ARG

629/80060       OH-58D          AATC

562/ 165564    AH-1W           AATC

7304                CH-47SD        ATBn

2207                S-2T                133/134sqn


Inside Hangar

5272/80874     F-5E                46TFS

0821/75-6021 AT-3               AFA



1903                BH-1900         VIP-sqn

1909                BH-1900         VIP-sqn

1301/85-0013 C-130H           439CW

1304/85-0016 C-130H           439CW

1320/97-1320 C-130H           439CW



1626/88-8115 F-CK-1D         443TFW

1613/84-8039 F-CK-1D         1TFG

1502/88-8134 F-CK-1C         3TFG

1621/86-8085 F-CK-1D         1TFG

1465/86-8090 F-CK-1C         3TFG

1495/88-8127 F-CK-1C         3TFG

1616/84-8057 F-CK-1D         1TFG

1475/87-8103 F-CK-1C         3TFG

1489/88-8120 F-CK-1C         9TFG ground spare

1463/86-8088 F-CK-1C         9TFG ground spare

1427/84-8045 F-CK-1A         7TFG

2013/Ei13       M-2000-5Ei    499TFW

6637                F-16A              22TFG

0824/75-6024 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0846/77-6046 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0842/76-6042 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0836/76-6036 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0847/77-6047 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0832/76-6032 AT-3               Thunder Tigers

0829/75-6029 AT-3               Thunder Tigers




3343/57-0769 T-33                AFA colors

0711/65-3011 A-CH-1           1TFW markings

6047/13394     F-86F              1TFW markings

9304/51-5133 O-1                  1TFW markings

5157/50330     F-5E                1TFW markings



The Thunder Tigers celebrated their 60th birthday with an open house at Tainan Air Base. The gates opened around 07.15 hours and the people started pouring in. After an ID check the Taiwanese were allowed inside. Foreigners however were refused entry unless they had applied 1 month before. Nobody was aware of this policy and some foreigners had to stay outside. If you were inside early you could get some decent shots of the static under a clear blue sky and without too many people around the aircraft. The flying started with a single IDF for a weather check and after that a formation of 5 IDF's from the locally based 1 TFW, the solo demos and finally the Thunder Tigers.